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    Vortex IKON™

    • Seating 6
    • Dimensions 3.64 x 2.25 x .9 m
    • Jets 18

    Why choose an IKON™?

    Inspired by luxury marine and modern architecture, IKON™ is the epitome of innovation and elegance. Meticulously designed with an unwavering attention to detail. Sleek lines, cutting-edge features, and unparalleled comfort. Embrace the extraordinary with IKON™.

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    IKON™ seat layout

    Room for 6 adults in our most luxurious and sleek spa pool.

    Landscape seating

    IKON™ takes a whole new approach to spa seating. We recognise that people like to move around and adjust their depth to regulate body temperature. Instead of being restricted to one position, IKON™’s gently contoured landscape seating allows you to sit naturally in multiple positions. Whether you want to lie back, sit up, swivel around or cool off, you can move easily and adjust your body for the ideal level of immersion.

    Adding to new levels of spa comfort, IKON’s hydrotherapy jets are discreetly distributed for maximum relief and minimal intrusion.

    Spa deck

    IKON™ features a maintenance free Flexiteek deck, just like those seen on super yachts the world over. The spa deck provides space to sit or lie down, yet stay close to the action, as well as room to put food, drinks and towels.

    Enjoy the feeling of a luxury super yacht and all the benefits of an in-ground spa, whilst maintaining portability.

    Architectural Cabinetry

    Nowhere is IKON™’s architectural influence more apparent than in the choice of the aluminium composite cladding to define the striking angles of the exterior cabinet. Flush, screwless surfaces and contemporary negative detailing is combined in this high performance and maintenance free cladding, designed to complement your modern architecture and lifestyle.

    IKON™ is available in two beautiful colours: Carbon and Cloud. Cladding that not only looks stunning but delivers high performance year after year.

    Customizable Spa Experience

    IKON™’s jets, lighting, water temperature and setup are fully adjustable using the built in touchscreen interface, or from your smartphone app.

    The Vortex app lets you control your spa mood settings. Whether you want therapeutic, relaxation or party mode, you can dial it up or tone it down to suit your mood.

    Access and hardcover

    With IKON™, even getting in and out of your spa has undergone a total makeover. No longer an afterthought, IKON™’s removable floating steps project from the spa cabinet and feature a slip proof, Flexiteek surface that complements the spa deck.

    Topside, IKON™ has a snugly fitted, folding hardcover made of high density insulating foam and secured by super yacht latch fixings. This stylish cover design is completed by a Sunbrella® fabric wrap - a premium, marine grade covering used for luxury outdoor furniture on super yachts.


    Premium SpaNet™ controller - IKON™

    The SpaNet SV Series controller is designed to maximise energy savings and deliver the lowest possible daily operating cost for your spa.

    SpaNet™ variable output heater

    The SpaNet™ SV Series has a variable output heater. Unlike most controllers, this means when the spa's jet pump is turned on, the heater turns DOWN rather than OFF. This has the benefit of maintaining the spa's temperature while you are using it, rather than cooling it down.

    SpaNet™ integrated heat pump interface

    If you want to save up to 75% on your spa heating cost, you can choose the optional SpaNet™ Hybrid Heat Pump. This integrated system is plug and play with the SV controller.

    Thermolock™ toughened ABS base

    The insulated base works in tandem with the Thermolock™ Perimeter insulation to ensure the cold is kept out and heating costs are reduced.

    Steel Permaframe™ Construction

    Vortex Permaframe™ is a timber-free system, produced using galvanised steel. It is impervious to rot, mildew or vermin damage and designed to last indefinitely.

    Thermolock™ dual layer insulation

    The Vortex™ dual layer insulation system ensures that not only the water in the spa is insualted, but also the water in the pipework. This option adds a higher level of heat retention than Vortex Spas standard Thermolock™ Permieter insulation.

    SV SmartLINK™ WiFi module (Optional)

    Control and monitor your spa remotely from anywhere in the world! With the optional SpaNet™ SmartLINK™ WiFi/bluetooth control unit, just download the SpaNet™ SpaLINK™ phone app (Android or Apple) and you can control all your spa functions simply and remotely.


    Detailed specifications of the IKON™ spa pool
    Specification Sheet
    Jet Featured Image
    3.64 m
    2.25 m
    Dry weight460 kg
    Water capacity1159 litres
    Filled weight (inc cover)1634 kg
    Intuitive spa controllerSV2
    Programmable circulation pump1
    Jet pumps1
    Variable output heater3 kW max
    Electrical requirements15 amps max

    Jet Layout

    The Vortex IKON™ features a range of hydrotherapy jets for a relaxing massage and fitness.
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    Standard Jets

    Jet Icon
    10 x 100 mm Single Spinning Jets
    Jet Icon
    8 x 100 mm Directional Jets

    IKON™ model shown

    The layout shows how different jets are placed in this model.

    Jet Types

    The Vortex IKON™ features 10 x 100mm Single Spinning Jets and 8 x 100mm Directional Jets.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    100 mm Single Spinning Jet

    This large single spinner gives a rotating massage effect similar to a masseuse using their thumb in a kneading fashion. They provide a very effective back massage.

    Gallery Image
    Gallery Image

    100 mm Directional Jet

    The 100 mm directional jets provide an intense, pressure point massage. These are particularly effective at treating knotted muscles in the back.



    The Vortex Spas™ range of spas is covered by comprehensive warranty agreements providing peace of mind when you purchase Vortex Spas™.

    Download Warranty
    lifetime warranty icon
    Lifetime Warranty

    Vortex Permaframe™ is guaranteed for life against a loss of structural integrity leading to the spa being inoperable.

    10 Year Non Pro rata Structural Warranty

    All Vortex Spas™ are offered with a 10 year 'non pro-rata' shell structure warranty. This means that if the spa's shell cracks resulting in water loss, for a period of 10 years, the spas shell shall be replaced.

    5 Year Non Pro rata Acrylic surface warranty

    All Vortex Spas™ are offered with a 5 year 'non pro-rata' acrylic surface warranty. This means that if the acrylic surface blisters resulting in water loss for a period of 5 years, the spa's shell shall be replaced.

    5 Year Plumbing, Heater & Jet Warranty

    The plumbing system of all Vortex Spas™ is warranted against leaking for 5 years. The heater and jets of all Vortex Spas™ are warranted against defects for a period of 5 years.

    2 Year Pump & Equipment Warranty

    The circulation pump, jet pump(s) and electronic control system of all Vortex Spas™ are warranted against defects for 2 years. *Please consult your local store for complete warranty details.


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